Contemporary extension as an indispensable connection
between the inside and outside

For the extension of this house in the famous Dutch flowerbulb area, we made a design based on the experience of the transition from the inside to the outside. The old house (the inside) and the garden with the flowerbulb fields behind it (the outside) are beautifully connected by this distinctive and sharply detailed extension.

Everything in this design is about the experience of the clients and their connection with the outside. When entering the dwelling in the existing house and walking into the extension, with every step one takes, different views to the garden will continuously present itself. The placement of openings and walls is carefully composed, with everything being designed according to proportions to one another.

In the media:
- Featured project on Floornature and Architizer
- As a news article in The Netherlands: Architectenweb, Houtwereld, ArchitectuurNL en De Architect

© Stijnstijl fotografie / derksen|windt architecten.
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