New look shoppingmal

This building filled with small shops needed renovation that could provide a fresh look and appearance for the shop owners and the direct surrounding buildings and public space.

In our design we stripped the building to its characteristic original appearance decades ago: expressive concrete columns and beams with a recessed facade. To further express this look we insulated the facade and filled it with vertical wooden battens. In this way the hidden potential of the building is rediscovered, making it stand firmly in its surroundings.

We also added a new awning to the facade that functions as a real promenade. The V shaped columns, which are lighted during night time, accentuate the robust and architectural appearance of the building and contribute to a more safe public space.

The new renovated building directly resulted into a permanent residence of nice shops that fits in the neighborhood.

© Ruben Dario Kleimeer / derksen|windt architecten.
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