beautiful industrial building based on the qualities of the sawtooth roof

The demand for a practical and sustainable business premises has been answered by derksen|windt architecten with a striking design that revolves around rhythm, daylight and the right proportions. The architectural result for this collection of business units is a direct and indirect reference to the typical sawtooth roof construction. This originates from the desire to create a larger volume in relatable proportions combined with the search for optimum use of light. This led to an contemporary, finely detailed building.

A typical industrial building is a large, closed volume with a somewhat temporary appearance due to the use of materials. For this assignment, the architects have searched for a different appearance, for which that same functionality and practical interpretation should be possible. The building is located on a small-scale business park in Rozenburg, close to the Rotterdam ports, making it a nice base for many companies. The clients wanted to add a collection of four business units under one roof to this business park.

The appearance of the building clearly goes back to the old sawtooth roof factories. However, the sawtooth shape is more than a direct reference; the translucent triangles provide the desired rhythm, the correct proportions, the reduced incidence of light and the subtle lighting to the outside. Together with the beautiful brickwork, this creates a building to which people can relate, despite the large volume. The elaboration of the concept down to the details is essential for the architects. The play of light, sight and rhythm is further implemented in elegant elongated skylights and in-line window frames and rolling doors. The beautiful aluminum doors and frames, the roof trims, the sills under the translucent parts and the construction parts visible from the outside are all in the same color tone. The masonry is executed with a recessed bed joint, a narrow head joint and there are two recessed brick surfaces that continue the rhythm in the fa├žade. Finally, the translucent triangles lie in one plane with the masonry to emphasize the initial principle.

© René de Wit
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