For an international competition the city of Oslo asked to submit ideas to transform the city to one of the best cycling cities of Europe. The key to getting people to ride bicycles is giving cyclists a safe route to a station combined with a good place to park their bicycle. From this central area they can go shopping, start working or use the more environmental friendly transportation system to get to other places. In the Netherlands, the leading country in cycling usage worldwide, almost everybody takes the bike to the train station or city centre when living within a 2 kilometre range. Even people living between 2 and 4 km of the station use the bicycle most of the time. Our vision is: If people living in that four km range area are able to get to the station and the centre safely they will start using the public transport and they will stop using their car as much. It is that easy. In Oslo the cyclist is least taken care of in the infrastructure and is in last place in the Oslo trafic. Behind cars, busses, trucks and trams. Our aim is to make the cyclist the most important user of the Oslo infrastructure.

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